The Machine Gun is one of the Tier 1 upgrades from the basic Tank. It features a faster reload, but decreases damage by 33% and decreases accuracy. This class is great for farming clusters of shapes.

Appearance Edit

The Machine Gun looks like a blue circle with a trapezoid-shaped barrel, instead of the regular rectangular barrel.

Changes Edit

Health Regen: no changes

Max Health: no changes

Body Damage: no changes

Bullet Speed: increased by 10%

Bullet Penetration: no changes

Bullet Damage: decreased by 33%

Reload: doubled

Movement Speed: no changes

Recoil: no changes


Strategies Edit

Strong Against: low-level tanks, low penetration tanks, triplets (if correct build)

Weak Against: strong bullet spammers, destroyer branch

As the Machine Gun Edit

The Machine Gun is a powerful tank if played correctly. With high bullet speed, penetration and damage, it could damage a whole cluster of tanks.

The machine gun isn't really powerful against strong tanks such as the Shooter, because the Shooter's boomerangs will just pass through the Machine Gun's bullets, and will mostly hit it twice. Avoid battling them.

If you are bad with the machine gun, just farm shapes. The accuracy will help you.

Against the Machine Gun Edit

The Machine Gun does poorly against the destroyer branch, unlike in the first game, because the destroyers have more reload. The most powerful destroyer tank against the Machine Gun is the Doublist, as it can fire destroyer bullets every 0.65 seconds, instead of the regular 1 second time.

The Shield is also pretty powerful if in team mode. The shield protects the teammate from the bullets, while the other teammate attacks the machine gun. If with other tanks, this isn't a great strategy because the other tanks will probably attack the shield.

Avoid using the Smasher against the Machine Gun, except if it has low reload and move speed.

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