The Quad Tank is an upgraded form of Twin and Flank Guard. It can be upgraded further to Octo TankAuto 5, Hustler, Fighter, Overlord, Double Quad, Surpriser or the Quad-Angle.

Design Edit

The Quad Tank has a circular base surrounded by four barrels in a plus shape.

Technical Edit

Since it has two pairs of opposite barrels, the Quad Tank does not have any recoil. Individual bullets fired from this tank deal a noticeably higher amount of base damage than the Tank. Otherwise, there is not much to say about the Quad Tank.


  • Strong Against: Multiple enemies.
  • Weak Against: Focused fire, high rate of fire tanks.

As the Quad TankEdit

  • Quad Tanks are decent at dealing with crowds of polygons and great at dealing with many lower-leveled tanks. Farming and multi-kills have never been simpler. As you have four barrels, you can get two or more into range of your barrels and spam bullets.
  • Beware of Boosters, Tri-Angles, Smashers and Landmines as they can bump into your weak points and kill you quickly. To counter, it is best to have high Reload, Bullet Speed, and Bullet Damage and block your weak spots.
  • It may be better to stay as a Twin until you are able to upgrade to an Octo Tank just like with the Triple Shot.
  • Like the Octo Tank, you can spin to defend yourself and block weak points. This is helpful against ramming builds, like the Booster, Tri-Angle, Destroyer and Fighter.
  • This tank is weak against most tanks with focused fire, like the Twin and Triple Shot, not to mention the Sniper. It is one of the tanks with the most weak points, so do your best to protect yourself, as you have four weak points where players can damage you from.

Against the Quad TankEdit

  • The Sniper Tree (excluding the Trapper and Overseer branch) are hard counters to the Quad Tank. They can easily pick it off due to the slow speed the Quad Tank has and its 4 gaps between its barrels. This allows for an easy kill in all diagonal directions.
    • Body Damage builds can also take advantage of the large gaps by ramming them. Try to leave your movement unpredicted by moving left and right to try and take minimal damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Many players don't like to play as this class because of its low defense and the loss of the Twin's quick, spammy and focused firepower. However, it is helpful in the Pentagon Nest to harvest polygons quickly.
  • It might be the one of the least used Tier 3 tanks in the game.