The Shield is a lv15 tank which upgrades from the Tank. It loses its barrel, but replaces it with a shield which removes bullets (with the exception of destroyer branch bullets), but not Protectors, Drones, Traps, and Destroyer Branch bullets. It can upgrade to the Backshield, Shielder, Doublield, Super Shield, Destroyer Shield, and the Blocker.

Appearance Edit

The Shield looks like a circle with a bracket. Exact appearance is O).

Strategies Edit

Strong Against: slow and low body damage tanks

Weak Against: destroyer branch, protectors, drones and traps

As the Shield Edit

The Shield is very weak because of its offense (almost none). It's mainly used for defense. The only offense it has is body damage, which is very easy if the opposing tank has low movement speed and the shield has high movement speed.

Try to spin pretty fast to remove almost all bullets, even the flank ones. The turn speed won't help you though.

Against the Shield Edit